About the Series

SIPPA’s Student Speaker Series celebrates the student experience and perspective through live online interviews and presentations with students who are making an impact in the field of positive psychology. The Series will provide an opportunity for students to learn from one another, as well as to build speaking and presentation skills in front of an international community.

Latest Presenter:

Staff Portraits, Psychology

Positive Psychology and Ageing – Acceptance, Hope and Self-compassion in Older Adults with Sue Ferguson 

July 15, 2016, 6 PM Eastern Time
(July 16 in some countries)


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Featured Presentations

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Sebastian Bóo
Excellence in Teaching

Susan Mangan

Susan Mangan
Positive Interventions

Interested in Presenting?

SIPPA welcomes applications from prospective student presenters on a rolling basis. Please send your application to SIPPAnetwork@gmail.com. Your application should include 1) a CV, and 2) a brief letter of interest including an explanation of why you want to be our next student speaker and a description of your proposed presentation topic, and 3) references for the science you will cover in your presentation Submissions must meet high scientific standards for the study or application of positive psychology. Referenced research should be published in peer-reviewed journals. Applications of the science should be accompanied by references to the science upon which the application is based as well as evidence of its effectiveness. Submissions should avoid commercialism. Questions? Contact us at SIPPAnetwork@gmail.com