2017 Division Strategic Planning

Process and Timeline:

1.Review IPPA’s strategic aims and goals for divisions
2.Work with leadership team (and Advisors if applicable) to develop corresponding activities
3.April 1st – Share proposals with Divisions Committee for review
4.April 2017 – Share proposals with division members for comment and Q&A
5.May 1st – Send final proposals seek Executive Committee for approval

Components of Your Report:

Please outline your division’s plans for 2017, including any projected budget requests or requests of other support from IPPA for the following categories:

I. Membership (Recruitment, Engagement)
II. Programming
III. External Support or Partnerships
IV. Leadership/Governance/Team-building
V. Other Activities

If you are proposing a new activity or offering, please include:

1. A brief description of the proposed activity/resource/program and explanation of how it:

  • Mission: align with and advance IPPA’s mission
  • Membership: fulfills a need and will be of value to members
  • Standards: will meet IPPA’s scientific/ ethical standards
  • Sustainability: might be resourced for long-term success and/or generate revenue

2. Name and contact information for division lead
3. A timeline for developing and executing the idea
4. A plan for funding, sustaining or managing operations (if applicable)
5. Anticipated budget (if applicable) 6. Requested support from IPPA (e.g. promotion)


Send completed forms to: jbrennan@ippanetwork.org

Considerations for Planning:

I. Membership:

  • Plan for Member Engagement & Communication
  • Plan for Member Recruitment
  • Org-wide opportunities:
    • Consider member benefits in relation to other orgs
    • Develop new organizational membership level
    • Create evaluation tool for potential partnerships
  • Changes to IPPA membership:
    • Affiliate level discontinued as of December 31, 2016
    • Student level – accredited school
    • IPPA Organizational membership level

II. Programming

  • Include your plan for past and current offerings
  • Use template to propose new offerings with budget – could they be implemented w/ all divisions?
  • Org-wide Programs/Initiatives:
    • Enhance virtual events and resources (e.g. PPLS, Learning Library, etc.)
    • Mentoring Program
    • Develop Ethical Standards of Practice for Application
    • Online Communities for researchers and practitioners: searchable, interactive member-driven resource containing tools, research, case studies, etc. where discussion, learning and connection can take place.

III. External Support/Partnerships

  • Priority targets: Which organizations would you like to build a relationship with? Why? What might that relationship look like (e.g. joint promotion, sponsorship, collaborator?)
  • Sources of funding: Which companies, foundations, grants might support your divisions’ activities or divisions program? What pay-for-play opportunities exist?

IV. Leadership/Governance/Team-Building

  • Leadership development: What trainings or opportunities might you provide your leadership team and/or division members to build division leadership capacity?
  • Governance: How will you develop, document and clarify your divisions’ procedures and policies? (e.g. create Bylaws, division manual, etc.)