Welcome, Leaders!

We are so grateful for your service to IPPA and the field of positive psychology!

As a division leader, you play an essential role in the organization. We have developed this toolkit to give you tools and resources to help you succeed.

Take a moment to review the toolkit contents. You will find important policies and procedures for communicating with your members and engaging with outside groups, as well as several “How to” manuals detailing best practices to recruit strong volunteer teams and deliver engaging educational value.

If you ever have a question that is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

All the best,

Jenny Brennan, Director of Year-Round Programming

Leona Brandwene, Division Committee Chair

Quick Access:

To access the webinar and meeting production platform (GotoWebinar), web and phone conferencing service (uberconference), reservation calendars, your dedicated division email account, contact: Nicole Bower: nicole@adminsolutionsgroup.com

To submit content to Monthly News Round-up, email Editor@ippanetwork.org

IPPA Division leaders now have administrative permissions to update the IPPA Engage community. To request am update to the public-facing IPPA website, email webmaster@ippanetwork.org

2019 Division Leadership Teams Contact Sheet

Build Your Team

Division Officers (President, President-Elect and Secretary), are elected by division membership and serve 2-year terms.

Committee Leads (various program leads, communication, etc.) are appointed by the Division Officers with the approval of the Divisions Committee Program Director. These leads may serve 1 or 2-year terms.

All members must abide by IPPA’s code of conduct and policies. Please familiarize yourself with IPPA’s expectations, including confidentiality, practitioner guidelines and conflict of interest.

Strategically Deliver Value

All division activity is guided by IPPA’s mission, strategic aims, and the division’s charter.

According to IPPA’s Constitution, Division Presidents are required to provide an activity report for the previous year by March 1st. Please fill out and return the below document by March 1st to leona@brandwene.com.

To ensure that IPPA Divisions deliver steady value and sustainable offerings to members, we ask that Divisions outline their plans and anticipate volunteer, organizational and financial support needed for the 2019 calendar year. Please fill out and return the below document by March 1st to leona@brandwene.com.

“HOW TO” for Division Activities: