Mission Statement

The Positive Health and Wellbeing Division seeks to advance the science and practice concerning optimal human health and the positive and protective biopsychosocial factors linked to it. We seek to 1) increase the dissemination of positive health research findings, 2) improve the communication and collaboration among key stakeholders (such as researchers, clinicians, healthcare policy makers, and consumers), and 3) foster the mentoring and development of future positive health researchers, clinicians, and policy makers; all on a global basis.

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the division is to provide an organized, collegial, member-driven collaborative platform for professionals involved in positive health (academics, researchers, clinicians, organizations, practitioners, consultants, coaches), in order to use positive psychology to advance human longevity, quality of life, and physiological and psychological wellbeing (including decreased morbidity).

To learn more about the Positive Health and Wellbeing Division’s visions, objectives, and more, please click to read the Health and Wellbeing Division Charter.

If you have any questions about the Health Division, please contact us at info@ippanetwork.org.


The Positive Health and Wellbeing Division offers an award, publication, and regular webinars where members can learn about and discuss new science and applications. The division is also active in the IPPA member community, IPPA Engage,

Join the Division:

To view and update your IPPA professional division membership, please log in to your IPPA profile. Click “Custom” then click the drop down arrow under “Health and Wellbeing Division” on the right side of the page and click “Yes.” Last, click “Update” at the bottom of the page.