Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinical Division of IPPA is to support and advance professional, ethical, effective, evidence-based and culturally responsive practice of positive psychology principles in clinical settings.

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the IPPA Positive Clinical Psychology Division is to provide an organized, collegial, member-driven, collaborative platform for clinicians, academics, researchers and students to provide a shared context in advancing the conceptualization, research and practice of positive clinical psychology. The Division also aims to provide a shared context for clinicians to exchange knowledge, explore new possibilities and solve challenging clinical concerns.

If you have any questions about the Clinical Division, please contact us at info@ippanetwork.org.


The Positive Clinical Psychology Division offers an award, a publication, a Clinical Case Study Challenge program that critiques applications of positive clinical psychology in addressing a variety of clinical concerns, and a Virtual Peer Consultation Group that helps clinicians learn how to apply positive psychology to clinical practice.

Join the Division:

To view and update your IPPA professional division membership, please log in to your IPPA profile. Click “Custom” then click the drop down arrow under “Clinical Division” on the right side of the page and click “Yes.” Last, click “Update” at the bottom of the page.