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Seligman Europe Positive Psychology Tour 2019

September 18, 2018|

Since 2009, Seligman Europe and the Academy for Child, Youth and Family have been hosting the positive psychology tour with Martin Seligman. The next tour is scheduled for 2019, with stops in Graz, Austria; Hamburg, Germany; and Bregenz, Austria beginning in late June.


Positive psychology is an important and irreplaceable factor in parenting, coaching, therapy, health, economy, and countless other areas […]

Emirates Center for Happiness Research Offers New Courses

July 27, 2018|

Since its opening in 2017, the United Arab Emirates University’s (UAEU) Emirates Center for Happiness Research (ECHR) has aimed to serve both the broader community as well as the university population through the provision of evidence-based professional services, with research and training that promotes and enhances happiness and positivity.

On International Happiness Day, the UAEU announced the delivery of the […]

Liverpool John Moores University Launches Master Program on Positive Psychology and Well-being

July 27, 2018|

Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, UK is now accepting applications for a new Masters program in Positive Psychology and Well-being. The program is part of the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology.
The programme is designed to develop your knowledge and practical skills for applying positive psychology principles in different settings. There are also modules on research skills and […]

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Launches Master Program on Genes in Behaviour and Health

January 11, 2018|

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is launching a new research Master program in Fall 2018: Genes in Behaviour and Health.
In this two-year full time program, students will learn about the relevant research methods to design and carry out high-quality research within the field of behaviour genetics and genetic epidemiology, and to study how our genes interact with the environment for behavioral and health […]

Greater Good Science Center Names Favorite Books of 2017

December 12, 2017|

Our partners at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley recently released their favorite books on the “science of a meaningful life” in 2017.

The list includes books about mediation, marriage, resilience, biology, sleep, and more. It also includes The Strength Switch: How the New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Your Teen to Flourish by […]

Meike Bartels, PhD, Awarded ERC Consolidator Grant

December 12, 2017|

IPPA Board Member and 2017 Fellow Meike Bartels, Ph.D., was awarded a €2 million European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant to study how genetics, epigenetics, and environmental factors impact well-being.

Dr. Bartels explains that this research project will ultimately help to develop a new framework of well-being that can “serve as a strong empirically-based foundation for the development of interdisciplinary academic theories […]

UNESCO Chair on Education for Global Peace Sustainability

September 14, 2017|

A proposal for a UNESCO Chair on Education for Global Peace Sustainability was recently accepted, which will integrate peace education and positive psychology. The Chair is led at the University of Lisbon through its Institute of Social and Political Sciences.

The UNESCO Chair on Education for Global Peace Sustainability is a co-constructed project that intends to advance a scientific and practical approach to […]

Positive Youth Development in Venezuela

June 14, 2017|

A new initiative has launched in Venezuela to support the positive development of adolescents. The website, Desarrollo Positivo Adolescente Venezuela, is a collaboration between Universidad Metropolitana and the Venezuelan Society of Positive Psychology, with support from UNICEF.

Through this website, people can share information about organizations that support positive youth development, help adolescents and their families, subscribe their organizations, and otherwise assist related initiatives.

CQUniversity Launches Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology

June 14, 2017|

Central Queensland University (CQUniversity) in Australia has launched a new distance education Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology.

This is a four-course program that can be taken part-time over the course of a year. The focus of the program is to equip students to develop and implement positive interventions in a variety of professional contexts.

More details about the course are available online.

Polish Positive Psychology Association Book Awards

June 12, 2017|

The Polish Positive Psychology Association has announced two award winners in publishing on the topic of positive psychology in 2017.

In the scientific book category, the winner is Lukasz Kaczmarek from Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland) for Positive interventions: Well-being and intentional behaviors (Zysk i ska Publishers).

In the popular science book category, the winner is IPPA Board Member Marlena Kossakowska from SWPS […]