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The 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, was a great success! More than 1600 delegates from 60 countries came together to learn about the latest science and research-based applications. 

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6th World Congress Video Collection (plenary, keynote and division sessions):

  • Meike Bartels, Well-being, Loneliness, and Self Rated Health; What’s the Chicken and what’s the Egg?
  • Roy Baumeister, Thinking about the Future: Whether, When, Why, How, Who, What … and So What?
  • Kim Cameron, The Effects Of Positive Leadership On Organizations And Their Employees
  • Incheol Choi, Differential Benefits Of Seeking Pleasure Vs. Meaning: The Role Of Age And Gene Expressions
  • John Cryan, Microbiomes: A Gut Feeling About Happiness
  • Barbara Fredrickson, Other People Matter: Evidence for the Value of Positivity Resonance
  • Jonathan Haidt, The Coddling Of The Anglo-American Mind: The Disastrous Consequences Of Ignoring Basic Insights From Positive Psychology
  • Mohsen Joshanloo, Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Mental Well-Being: Recent Findings and Implications
  • Steve Levanthal, From Universal Values To Universal Promise: Envisioning The Possibilities Of Positive Psychology In A Multicultural, Global World
  • Sonja Lyubomirsky, Revisiting the Happiness Pie Chart: The Science of Interventions Aimed at Increasing Well-being
  • Judith Moskowitz, Positive Emotions As Mediators Of Effects Of Positive Psychology Interventions On Well-being
  • Jeanne Nakamura, Engagement after Midlife: Lessons from Lives of Commitment
  • Acacia Parks, Building a Foundation for the Global Dissemination of Well-being Interventions
  • James Pawelski, The Positive Humanities: Collaborating with the Arts and Humanities to Advance the Science and Evidence-Based Practice of Well-being
  • Sarah Pressman, Unpacking the “Active” Ingredients in the Positive Affect-Health Connection
  • Wilibald Ruch, Character Strengths: Past Present Future
  • Wilmar Schaufeli, Positive Occupational Health Psychology — Work Engagement And Beyond
  • Martin & Mandy Seligman, Marty, Mandy, & Living Positive Psychology
  • Michael Steger, What Can We Actually Do to Find More Meaning in Our Lives?
  • Shannon Suldo, Promoting Students’ Subjective Well-being in Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Services

Four sessions presented by IPPA’s professional divisions:

  • Positive Organizational Intervention Challenge Finals: Work and Organizations Division presents research-based interventions developed by member practitioners for the workplace.
  • Clinical Case Study Challenge Finals: Positive Clinical Psychology Division presents case studies of how therapists are utilizing positive psychology with clients.
  • Positive Health and Wellness Data Extravaganza: Positive Health and Wellness Division presents the top research abstracts on the topic of positive health presented by scientists.
  • International Perspectives on Positive Education Symposium: Education Division (IPPAEd) presents a riveting discussion about how positive education looks in China, UK, South Africa, Singapore, and Denmark! 

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